Stay gold, stay Wild

Mandala Vallarta is the meeting point for nightlife lovers in Puerto Vallarta. Its decor maintains the unique style of other Mandala venues of Mexico, but at the same time creates its own magic to become one of the favorite spots for non stop partying in the Pacific.
Mandala Vallarta is the perfect place to change the rules and own the night. A night in Mandala is always a good a idea and it will probably become one of you favorites of all time!

Open: Every day
6:00pm - 6:00am


Party never stop

La Santa is stylish partying, exclusive nights and endless fun. This club has easily become one of the favorites in Vallarta in a very short time, because of its unique spaces and glam party nights. The place is spectacular, the club has two different sections to create opposite atmospheres. One feels like a club and the other one is a lounge with an amazing pool.
Imagine a night with great music and drinking your favorite drink by the pool? Can you ask for more?

Open: Wednesday - Sunday
11:00pm - 6:00am


Litros & Fun

La Vaquita has no rules and if there are, we will break them! Nice drinks, friendly waiters, daring contests and theme parties are just a taste of what you can find in this great spot of Vallarta.
La Vaquita is a bar, a club, a nightclub and litros all in the same place! If you want to enjoy your favorite drink and have fun you're in the right place!
Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an unforgettable night with La Vaquita!

Open: Thursday - Saturday
6:00pm - 6:00am


Night club

Xtine is the party that has been missing in your life. Its newly renovated spaces make it one of the favorite spots in Vallarta at the moment.
Lights, ambiance and its daring theme parties are great magnets for nightlife lovers.
Every night Xtine reinvents itself to offer something new so there is never a night that feels the same to you. The best party of your life awaits you in Xtine...

Open: Satuday
10:30pm - 5:00am